Men’s Mental Health is Important But Ignored Unknowingly!

Men’s mental health is as important as the of females. But in several studies, it is clearly mentioned – how men are experiencing silently when in pain, depression, or sadness. While men are more prone to get sick due to lifestyle habits, alcohol, and smoking intake. It is right to say, Men’s mental health is important but ignored. Health is not just about physics but also the mental pressure men face in everyday life. Many of us tend to believe physical health is all about diet and appearance… Whereas mental health is 28 times more likely to happen and very common in men. 

Why – men’s mental health is important but ignored: Answer to everything

Study shows, the number of male and female who deal with depression is almost equal. But the suicide victims are more of a male person as they find it more difficult to express their emotions and take others into their confidence. 

The main factor that affects men to seek help when depressed or mentally ill is the gender-specific culture barrier. Many consider that asking for help when mentally sick is a sign of weakness especially when it comes to men. Men represent the word “strong” from inside and out and thus approach health-related problems differently than women. 

International men’s day is celebrated annually to spread awareness about men’s mental health and also to support gender equality. Whereas we still waiting for such things to take place soon in our society.

Sign of depression in men:

The signs of depression in men and women can be different. A male person does not too sad and rather get more aggressive or angry when depressed. 

  • Excessive anger and aggression
  • Anxious
  • Loss of interest in an activity
  • Low sexual desire
  • Concentration problem
  • Overeating or not eating
  • Physical pains- headaches, cramps.
  • The need for drugs and alcohol
  • Erectile dysfunction

Not every man will have all the symptoms. Some have only a few of them and others may have all of them.

Men’s mental health can affect their sexual desires and personal relationship. Erectile dysfunction affects men who are suffering from depression. If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction – try some of the ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. 

Mental health is important and needs attention. Once you get proper treatment, you will feel the changes gradually. It may also take several weeks to start working. 

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